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designed to assist in preparing for mandatory state exams in Ukraine.

About us

Join us in shaping the future of Ukrainian EdTech, where innovation meets education!

We merge traditional teaching methods with digital innovations to provide a distinctive learning journey, optimizing the exam preparation process.


Goal and Mission


Our vision is to be the leading educational online platform that transforms the way students prepare for mandatory state exams in Ukraine.

We aim to create a dynamic learning environment where every student has access to high-quality comprehensive courses, enabling them to succeed in their studies and lay the foundation for further career growth.


We strive to offer relevant courses and quality materials, carefully prepared and developed by experienced authors.

Through innovation, we aim to make quality education accessible to every student, promoting a culture of lifelong learning and academic achievement.

Material Update

Material Update

Updating course materials on an ongoing basis to align with the latest official exam programs and requirements. Developing technological solutions for automated tracking of updates in legislation and official exam programs.

Gamified Learning

Gamified Learning

Implementing interactive multimedia elements (ratings and motivational elements) to improve material retention and increase user interest in the learning process. Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for personalized learning and intelligent feedback.

Enhanced User Interaction

Enhanced User Interaction

Updating the user interface and implementing mechanisms for receiving feedback from users.

Expansion of Platform Offerings

Expansion of Platform Offerings

Introducing additional preparation courses to encompass a broader spectrum of subjects and topics pertinent to mandatory state exams. Collaborating with seasoned educators and subject matter experts to develop educational courses.


Mike Ponomarenko

Founder & Product Manager

Denys Turchak

Technical Director

Iryna Synook

Product Designer

Diana Chuprii-Baksheieva

Educational Courses Tutor

Oleksandra Tarasova

Full-stack Developer

Anna Shovkoplyas


Adriana Chvartatska

Educational Materials Coordinator


Environmental sustainability (Paperless)

Minimizing paper and resource consumption to support environmental conservation efforts.

Accessibility and convenience

Study from any location using any device. There is no need to carry and store large amounts of printed materials.

Boosted User Engagement

through Gamification: Integrating game-like elements to foster greater participation and motivation in learning activities

Personalized learning

Customizing the learning journey to suit the specific needs of each individual user.

Quick adaptation to Latest Updates

Ensuring materials are promptly updated to reflect the most current developments in the field, a feat not achievable with traditional printed publications.


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